Planning What’s Next

At times in our lives we get an itch, an inkling of some dissatisfaction. This often takes the form of lacking energy or passion; a “been there, done that” attitude; boredom; a desire to create something new or be somewhere else.

So that you don’t just “rearrange the furniture” in your life, our coaching programs are what you need to design and map your “what’s next”, whether personal or professional, according to our clients.

I can guide you through the major identity shift and reorientation that is part of the transition process. I will help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable as you negotiate the process, from ending the old to beginning the new.

In private one-to-one coaching sessions, we will craft your unique future by exploring a variety of themes and experiences in four major segments; Reflect & Discover, Assess & Envision, Choose & Plan and Experiment & Implement.

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"Beth is extraordinary. She has the ability to be supportive, challenging, unyielding in what you need to do, and generous in helping you. During the several years we have worked together, Beth has been an outstanding sounding board, resource and motivator."

‐ Stan Bornstein (DB&R)