Transitioning Your Business or Career & Creating your New Life

Departure from your business or life-long career is inevitable. So why don’t we plan for it? Whether you’re a career professional or a business owner, the time will come for transition to the next stage of life. How prepared are you? Questions you need to address to assess your readiness are:

– Am I still passionate about what I do every day?
– Can someone else do the job better?
– Is the team or the business dependent on me?
– Have I thought about leaving? What keeps me from doing so?
– How will I spend your day in my re-invented life?
– What will I do for intellectual stimulation if I leave my current role?
– Do I have a strong social network outside of work to keep me engaged?
– What is the new life I want to live?
– Do I know my financial needs for the future?

In my work with late-career professionals and business owners, I have chosen to work with the methodology of the Successful Transition Planning Institute. STPI offers educational programs and self-reflective exercises that help people identify potential opportunities, options and solutions to ensure a planned, and exciting, transition to “what’s next”. This can be a most rewarding stage of life for 50+ business people who have developed expertise over their rewarding careers and businesses.

STPI’s books, tools, and modular programs used within our coaching engagement will help you clarify your inevitable concerns. Our initial discussion will help me determine the best mix of assessments and programs from the following that best suit you.

  • What’s Next? Coaching Program
    The What’s Next? Coaching™ Program helps you, the business owner, successfully address the personal and emotional side of transitioning out of your business, while helping you avoid Owner’s Indecision and Seller’s Remorse. (Two sessions)
  • Explore Coaching Program
    The Explore Coaching™ Program helps you, the career professional, navigate the murky waters of transitioning out of your current position. (Two sessions)
  • THINK™ Program
    The THINK Program provides you, the baby boomer business owner, the tools and process to develop a personal transition and business transition plan. (Four to six sessions)
  • LIVE™ Program
    The LIVE Program provides both the business owner and the career professional the ability to deeply explore 10 aspects of your future life. It then helps you brainstorm and select the most satisfying choices so you can create a customized Personal Strategic Plan for living an exciting and purposeful new life. (Eight to ten sessions)
  • DECIDE™ Program
    The DECIDE Program analyses the seven options most often used by business owners when evaluating new ownership, helping you decide the option most appropriate for you. No one can guarantee that you will find the ideal new owner for your business. But if you create a clear vision of what you want in a new owner, it is likely that you will find someone with those characteristics. (Four to six sessions)

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