Down-sizing, Right-sizing, Finding the nest for your new life

Location – where you live – is a big slice on the wheel of life. Some are already living their dream. For others, once the kids are launched, the idea of selling the family home and moving into the city, to the beach or down south has its appeal. Personally, I have always dabbled in real estate, looking to buy, design, and renovate. Now I’m bringing homes to the forefront of my coaching profession by helping others through the relocation and buying process.

I listen.

As a coach, I’ve been trained to ask great questions and to listen – hearing the concerns and aspirations that give definition and meaning to the life you are moving toward. Listening and probing will help surface not just the type of neighborhood and style of home for you, but find the place that supports the lifestyle you’re creating.

I’m your coach.

Life is about change. The process of transition, whether it is a change in career, business or home ownership, carries stress and uncertainty. We’re moving from the known to the unknown. I guide you through the steps necessary to shape your new future.

I’ve been there too.

After living in our beautiful, three-story Boston Victorian for several decades, it was time for a change – especially after the winter of 2015! I was suffering greatly from garage-envy and city-fatigue. I love New England, but I wanted less congestion, but not country living. While I was making my wish list, I realized that beach walks and Plymouth was where I wanted to be.

What’s on your wish list?

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