“Beth is extraordinary. She has the ability to be supportive, challenging, unyielding in what you need to do, and generous in helping you. During the several years we have worked together, Beth has been an outstanding sounding board, resource and motivator.” – Stan Bornstein (DB&R)

“Beth has an amazing ability to listen to what you say (or don’t say), objectively assess the situation, and then ask questions in a non-threatening way that gets you to solve your issues or problems. She is so supportive, yet doesn’t let you get away with fooling yourself. Her quiet yet insistent approach gets to the root of an issue and helps me become a much better manager, communicator and business professional. Every conversation with her helps me grow personally and professionally. Best of all, Beth credits me for my success, although she played a large role.” – Joyce Gavenda (Summit Strategies)

“Beth will always be my very first recommendation for an executive coach or team facilitator. She is an amazing listener that senses your blind spots, providing insights and possibilities. She is a supreme example of Gladwell’s “Connector,” and will use her enormous store of resources (people, places, ideas, and things) to get you to accomplish your goals. She has helped me immensely, and continues to help with my own personal growth.” – Callie McDowell (CGM Consulting)

“I consider Beth to be an integral part of my team. She started working with my firm during the formation of our transition plan, and has kept us on task well into its implementation. As a business owner, you don’t know what you don’t know, but Beth has a way of helping me understand what is important and how to prioritize those items. Without Beth our transition would not have gone as seamlessly as it has.” – Susan Weeks (Vesey & Weeks PC)