At times in our lives we get an itch, an inkling of some dissatisfaction. This often takes the form of lacking energy or passion; a “been there, done that” attitude; boredom; a desire to create something new or be somewhere else.

Often the moment passes or we ignore the feeling. However, if attended to the dissatisfaction could be an open to exploring a new possibility. Once we “attend to” it, the stages of learning, as defined by the good folks at Strozzi Institute, build. Our Awareness evolves as we do research, talk to people we trust, reflect on our values; with increased awareness, we create Choice. We start to develop options; when we chose or start to focus In a particular direction, we bring our will or Volition to bear; we are then able to take a particular Action and then be Accountable – responsible for the result of our actions.

Once we’re willing to look down the path of transition, learning and change, the questions that bubble up often look something like this:

Where do I want to go from here?
What do I want to achieve now?
What can I do to get excited again about my business?
How do I leave my career or business?
What’s important to me now?
Is it time to move on?

Said Heraclitus: “nothing is more constant than change”. While life is a series of transitions we might think we’d get used to it, just move right into it. But some changes are harder to move through than others.

These kinds of transitions are more difficult because we identify with our role. It becomes “who we are”. To change, those long-practiced behaviors or way of being need to change. It requires practicing something different until it becomes our new way of being – and that’s a process not an event. Typically, the more embodied, the longer the practice to get to the desired state. Don’t give up on yourself.

Transitions thought-leader William Bridges says “Change is situational, while transition is psychological. It is not an event, but rather the inner reorientation and self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate the change into your life. Without the transition, change is just a rearrangement of the furniture.”

So that you don’t just “rearrange the furniture” in your life, our coaching programs are what you need to design and map your “what’s next”, whether personal or professional., according to our clients.

I can guide you through the major identity shift and reorientation that is part of the transition process. I will help you get comfortable with the uncomfortable as you negotiate the process, from ending the old to beginning the new.

In private one-to-one coaching sessions, we will craft your unique future by exploring a variety of themes and experiences in four major segments:

1. Reflect & Discover
2. Assess & Envision
3. Choose & Plan
4. Experiment & Implement